Tuesday, May 6, 2014

War on invasive plants

Francie Von Mertens of the Peterborough Con Com will be launching this year’s War on Invasive Plants at a Tuesday, May 13th, 9 a.m.-noon garlic mustard pull at The Well School/Peterborough where it has spread from road fill.
Come on by.  Pull some garlic mustard and some brochures (both free).
UNH Cooperative is launching a statewide Garlic Mustard Challenge through a new Stewardship Network modeled after successful one in Mich where tons of garlic mustard is pulled. Info here:
Francie also has a presentation on garlic mustard she would be happy to put on anywhere / any time.  She will be making one on invasive plants in general, focusing on the 13 local ones. 
Garlic Mustard is the focus right now. Best to pull before it sets seed in June.


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