Wednesday, January 7, 2015

An exciting new venture in town!

Plowshare Farm is opening a store .  The store will be called Local Share and feature produces made either locally or at Plowshare Farm.
Our hope for the future is that this little enterprise can turn into a coffee house/store, which would be located in the larger space of the Meeting House (where the nail salon use to be).  We fantasize this becoming a local place to hang out, find out about (and post) local events, and a place for local producers to showcase their wares.
Starting with the coffee house is too much for us so we are starting with the smaller place next to Riverside Restaurant for the first year and only doing retail sales but no coffee or food service.  We intend to open on January 21 but do a Grand Opening on Saturday, January 31.  In a year we would like to increase our hours to 8:30am-12:30pm Tues-Sat but for now we will be open Wed. - Sat. 10:30am-1pm.
Our desire is to provide a service to our Greenfield friends and neighbors who make things for sale and to increase our presence/relationships within our little town.
We ask people who have something to sell to participate by setting up their own display, coming in weekly to do accounting of sales and by sharing the news about Local Share.  All sales will be 'by consignment' with Plowshare making a percentage of each sale (probably 20% but we are open to feedback).  Plowshare is sell organic granola and cookies, handmade bees wax candles and some felted items.  We hope 6-8 other local folks will have goods in the store.
Plowshare needs are to increase the richness of our relationship to our community, to be of service to our community and to not have this project be a cost burden.  Plowshare hopes to offer a service which becomes a long-term, direct support to local businesses and cottage industries.
Interested in finding out more?  Please contact Kimberly Dorn, Plowshare Director, at 547-2547

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